Patrick’s Story – Quick Straight Teeth

I first came to Dental Solutions as my sister had tooth whitening treatment there and recommended that I should call in for a free orthodontic consultation. I was very conscious of my smile, in particular, my pointy fangs (aka my …

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Natasha’s Story – Fixed Braces

I have hated my teeth for ages – they made me so unhappy. They were overcrowded, one of my top teeth had completely twisted around on itself and my bottom teeth were very crooked too. I should have had orthodontics …

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Alla’s Story – Dental Implants

I am originally from Latvia, and dentistry is very different over there. When I first came to live in the UK, I wasn’t very impressed by the NHS practices that I visited so I decided to research private dentistry alternatives …

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Clair’s Story – All on Four

I found Dental Solutions having researched All on Four treatment on the internet. Their website made the practice seem friendly and I found the patient stories helpful and down to earth. I shortlisted two different practices in the Warrington area …

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Sylvia’s Story – Dental Implants

I needed an implant as a root filling in my tooth had failed, which meant that it had to be extracted. Obviously, that meant a very noticeable gap in my smile which was not an option I was prepared to …

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Marjorie’s Story – Nervous Implant Patient

I have been scared of going to the dentist all my life. My dentist where I live in Birchwood told me that I needed either implants or a denture to fill the space. I used to live in Lymm so …

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Which Veneers are Best for You?

If you feel as though your teeth are crooked or uneven, you’re not alone. It may be that they’re slightly discoloured, chipped, have spaces, or one is a little shorter than the others. When this is the case, veneers can …

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Janet’s Story – Dental Implants

My dentist of many years had retired from his Grappenhall practice and I decided that as I had gaps in my smile and that I needed implants, the time was right to look for another dentist. Having brought up a …

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Losing Your Teeth Through Dental Injuries in Sports: Implants and Mouthguards

Getting injured while playing sports is usually a given, particularly if you’re engaging in high-contact sports like rugby or football. However, dental injuries in sports can be especially painful, not to mention detrimental to your oral health. Thankfully, modern dentistry …

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