Spring Clean 2019 – 20% Off for New Hygiene Patients!

Need a New Dental Hygienist?    Throughout March, here at Dental Solutions, you can jump-start your spring cleaning in 2019. Tartar buildup is the cause of many long-term dental issues; such as gum disease, bad breath (halitosis), tooth decay and …

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Show Your Smile Some Love This Valentine’s Day

There’s no better time to pay extra attention to your smile than Valentine’s Day. Your smile is the first thing most people notice about you, so being confident with your teeth is a great way to make the perfect first …

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Harmful Teeth Whitening Risks With DIY Kits

Many of us aspire to achieve a white smile – the reality however is that few of us are blessed with particularly white teeth, and would like to achieve a brighter, whiter smile. For those of us who regularly enjoy …

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The Effects Of Alcohol On Oral Health

For many people, the consumption of alcohol is typically an activity for the weekends after a long working week. But did you know that drinking alcohol can have a detrimental effect on your dental health? The common ingredients in most …

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting… A Visit to the Hygienist

A hygienist can leave your teeth feeling beautifully smooth and clean, giving you a fresh smile to be proud of. Many people choose to see the hygienist regularly to maintain their oral health. We also see many nervous patients who …

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Your Guide To All On 4 Dental Implants

Can just four implants replace all of the teeth on the top or the bottom of your mouth? Thanks to advances in dental implant technology, that answer is a resounding yes! Believe it or not, tooth loss is extremely common among adults, …

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What Are The Benefits of Invisalign Treatments?

Many people can be put off by the idea of traditional fixed braces, particularly adults who don’t want their teeth straightening journey to look obvious. Traditional braces may seem embarrassing, causing a patient to feel self-conscious whether they talk or …

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Chris’s Story – Invisalign

When I was 14, I was told by my dentist that I needed braces. I wasn’t against the idea per se, as many of my friends had them, but their description of the treatment actually put me off. I was …

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Lynne’s Story – All on Four

I hadn’t been to a dentist for several years and consequently I was very anxious about going, but I knew that I needed to. I could feel and see that my teeth and gums were gradually deteriorating, and they were …

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