A Better Night’s Sleep Thanks to Dental Solutions

Does your other half complain of a bad night’s sleep because of your snoring? You’re not alone. Snoring is a common complaint among many patients we see here at the practice. Not only does it affect the individual, but also their partner! Unfortunately, snoring is something that patients simply can’t stop, which makes it even more frustrating.

Finding a long term solution that doesn’t involve any tablets or uncomfortable chin straps can be tricky. However, Dental Solutions may just have the answer you’ve been searching for. Our anti snoring device The Sleepwell has already helped lots of our patients achieve a better night’s sleep.


I had been suffering from disturbed sleep in the night for quite some time – waking, snoring and generally tossing and turning- it had become a real problem. With encouragement and support from my husband I went along to a Specialist doctor in Wilmslow who first asked me to wear a tracking device on my wrist to monitor my blood oxygen levels overnight. The result was that there were low oxygen dips over 30 times a night which was causing the disturbance. He recommended that I visit my dentist to get a mandible anti-snoring device.

I have been visiting Gavin for over 30 years-  so when I saw him he understood my situation completely, was extremely sympathetic and fitted me for a device which is a bit like a retainer to wear.

I really felt that this was my last chance to resolve the problem once and for all, and whilst it has taken a few weeks to persevere and adjust the tightness of the device, it has completely transformed my and my husband’s night’s sleep and is actually now quite comforting. I now have a new ritual at bed time – read a book for a while, snuggle down, pop in the device, get comfy, turn out the light and lo and behold, we now both wake up refreshed after a great night’s undisturbed sleep! I would highly recommend this device to anyone suffering with a similar problem- it has completely transformed my life.’


Angela, Warrington


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How Does the Anti Snoring Dental Device Work?

The anti snoring dental device prevents your lower teeth and jaw from falling back during your sleep. This is what causes many patients to snore. It’s made bespoke to your mouth, so no two devices are the same. Wear it at night before you sleep and you’ll soon notice a difference when you and your partner feel refreshed in the morning! At first, it may take a while to get used to wearing such a device while you’re sleeping. But with continuous use, this should become a normal part of your night-time routine. This will give you a guaranteed deep, restful night.

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Creating Your Device at Dental Solutions

As mentioned, each anti snoring dental device is tailored to the patient’s bite. If you’re considering having an anti-snoring device fitted, then book your completely free consultation to come and see Gavin, the Dental Solutions Sleepwell practitioner. You can book an appointment directly through this link: https://gavinismydentist.com/booking or give us a call on 01925 756565.


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