Anna’s Story – Fixed Braces Treatment

Anna fixed bracesI had never been happy with my bottom teeth which were very crooked and mis-aligned.

It was a friend of mine who had had braces herself that gave me the final push to sort out my own teeth – her teeth were gorgeous! So I googled “Dentists in Lymm” saw the Dental Solutions website and booked a consultation with Badri Chari, the Consultant Orthodontist.

I decided on the fixed metal braces treatment plan as I wanted the quickest, most cost-effective solution available to me. The whole treatment took just 8 months from beginning to end. I experienced a bit of pain after Badri adjusted my braces each time, but it soon eased off after a couple of days. I thought that more people would notice and comment on my braces but hardly anybody did.

I’m a school teacher and the children I teach have been fascinated by my braces – they kept wanting to look at my teeth to see how they were straightening up. And now they are finished the comment I keep getting is “aren’t your teeth straight?”- I feel so much more comfortable smiling. I wear a retainer at night to keep my teeth in position – but the retainer doubles up to stop me grinding my teeth so it actually protects them from wear and tear too!

I’m so glad I went ahead with treatment – it has been a 100{4a9254d467a64c1e51086d3bdd1107e0bcb2b3308df85966a5fd21f50c95df53} good experience from beginning to end – who would have thought that for wearing braces?


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