Are Dental Implants Safe For Me?

Dental implants may have been one procedure that you’ve heard of when you’re considering treatment for missing teeth. They are classed as an artificial substitute for missing teeth and can help to bring back a patient’s tooth in function and aesthetic. But due to the nature of the treatment, how many of you have asked the question “are dental implants safe for me?”. 

It’s understandable for you to ask this considering a piece of equipment that will be fitted into your body. In the past, dentures have been adequate replacements which were rarely questioned due to their removable features. Dental bridges also developed later down the line which were considered an extremely safe option considering the materials used to fabricate them.

However, dental implants are the latest version of tooth replacement to appear under the spotlight and it may have raised many queries in your mind, including “are dental implants safe for me?”.

What are dental implants?

Before we dive into the details about dental implant safety, let’s first look at what dental implants are.

Dental implants are used to substitute your teeth. It’s a titanium screw that’s placed directly into your jaw bone and then topped with a dental crown to mimic your own tooth in looks and function. Before the crown or bridge is bonded onto the screw, it first requires going through a healing period. Once the crown or bridge is fitted, your missing gap is filled with a natural looking tooth that allows you to chew and bite comfortably.

Are dental implants safe?

Considering you’re having a titanium screw fitted into your mouth, one of the first questions you understandably questions is are dental implants safe? To put it simply, dental implants are safe! Not only have they been seen as a safe dental treatment for missing teeth but it’s also considered one of the best!

There are two parts to the dental implant treatment – the screw and the cap. The screw is made of titanium which is biocompatible and used very commonly in bone and joint replacement surgeries. Fitting a well-placed implant allows the jaw bone to grow easily around it and help to support the function of the tooth. It’s completely safe!

Final thoughts

Dental implants truly are one of the safest and best forms of tooth replacement treatment. They’re long-lasting and look completely natural in your mouth. At Dental Solutions, we use state of the art equipment and technology to help conduct our dental procedures and we even have our own dedicated implant suite that gives you all you need for a safe procedure. To discuss your options, contact us today to book an appointment and have your FREE consultation.


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