Dean’s Story: Lingual Braces

Dean's lingual bracesI first came across Dental Solutions as my parents were both patients of Gavin’s and I decided to move from my old NHS dentist to Gavin and his team  as they had much better facilities and a wider range of tooth straightening options.

I had always been very conscious of the overcrowding in my mouth and my canines were crossing over themselves. Gavin proposed that I should have a consultation with Badri Chari the orthodontist to work out the best way to straighten my teeth.

I was really keen to look at really discrete or invisible braces, and two main alternatives were proposed by Badri at the consultation- either the tooth coloured ceramic braces which are very discrete or lingual braces which are fitted to the back of the teeth and are completely invisible.

I decided to go with the lingual braces. I needed a couple of extractions to deal with the overcrowding then Badri fitted the lingual braces to my upper and lower teeth.

Wearing the braces felt quite odd to start with – I also had a slight lisp for a few days after they were fitted, and then once again when I had them removed. On the whole lingual braces were easy to manage – there was just a bit of discomfort for a couple of days after every adjustment.

And now two years on my teeth are perfectly straight and white and I couldn’t be any happier with their appearance – my teeth look so much better and as a result  I feel so much better about my smile.


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