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We have previously discussed in our blog posts one of the most common Hollywood smile makeover: Dental Veneers. The thin layer of porcelain or dental composite placed directly on one’s natural tooth can disguise many inconsistencies, especially  for those who have stained, crooked or even twisted teeth like our own Cheryl from the X Factor who now has a beautiful smile with aligned and brighter teeth.

With a few changes to their teeth, many celebrities have gone from a nameless face to an A-list. Here are the rest of the popular celebri ty smile makeover dental treatments which Dental Solutions offers.

Beckham1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening must be one of the easiest dental treatments at Dental Solutions Lymm. Take advantage of our Feel Good Fridays for a teeth whitening experience in just over an hour with a 40% discount to flash your pearly whites just like a star, you don’t even need to have perfectly aligned teeth to beam brighter. Take example on David Beckham, and what a difference it makes! 

invisalign2. Invisalign

These famous clear aligners have also been used by celebrities, and the reason why is because most people won’t even notice that you are wearing them. The invisible braces can be taken off to eat or brush your teeth, they are more comfortable than the traditional braces and they can typically last from 6 to 18 months. No wonder Justin Bieber wore them at all times.

3. Dental Bridge or Implants

This is the major fix on the list of celebrity smile makeovers, and probably aimed at those who had a tougher life with either missing teeth or loose ones. In order to rectify this, Dental Solutions offers different types of implants depending on your situation. These can be individual implants, All on Four technique and Zygomatic implants, you can read all about these techniques by heading to our previous blog posts.

All these makeovers are great methods to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile, which we can help you with, no need to be a celebrity to get the same treatment. Call us now on 01925 393822 to book your free initial consultation with our team of experts.


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