Orthodontic Treatment – Charlotte’s Story

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Charlotte-Pic-200x300Charlotte was unhappy and didn’t want to live her life with crooked teeth. She had some consultations with an NHS dentist before settling on Dental Solutions, Lymm, as the practice to complete her treatment.

Hear her story in her own words:

“I knew that I really needed braces but the fear of being bullied had stopped me from getting braces when I was a teenager. Once I hit my twenties I felt that I had to get a grip on myself and go and get them sorted as I didn’t want to live with my crooked teeth. My NHS dentist had also discovered a  tooth growing in the roof of my mouth which needed attention. I had a free consultation with Badri, the consultant orthodontist at Dental Solutions before deciding to proceed with a teeth straightening treatment using fixed braces.

It was quite a lengthy and complicated treatment all-in-all, which included removing four of my teeth (including the buried adult tooth) under general anaesthetic.

Once I had the braces fitted there was a little bit of rubbing on the inside of my lips in the first couple of days, but I soon got used to it. I was a little conscious of the fact that I was wearing braces but nobody really noticed or commented and my paranoia soon went away- I was even selected to do some modelling with my braces on which really surprised me.

I can honestly say that my treatment by the team at Dental Solutions has been a pleasure – everyone is lovely – it feels very different to an NHS practice – it’s much more personal! Now just 18 months later my teeth are fantastic, I’m a lot more confident as a person and I now show my teeth when I am smiling, when before I used to cover my mouth.

It has been an absolute pleasure treating Charlotte at Dental Solutions, Lymm. If you would like any more information on any of our Orthodontic treatments, including fixed braces, Invisalign, or 6 Month Smiles, please contact our team on 01925 756565.


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