Fixed Braces – Charlotte’s Story

Traditional Fixed Braces For 6 Months

orthodontic treatmentCharlotte was unhappy with her crooked teeth and decided that she would look around for a local practice to undertake her orthodontic treatment.

She received a few quotes and shopped around at different dental practices across Cheshire before she decided to have her orthodontic treatment at Dental Solutions, Lymm.

“A couple of my friends had their orthodontic treatment completed at Dental Solutions which reassured me that I was in safe hands. I also liked Badri and Maria who saw me for my initial consultation and then throughout my treatment, although I have to say, everyone is really nice there.”

And just 6 months of orthodontic treatment later she has the straight, white smile of her dreams.

Treatment was a lot faster than I thought it would be, and the braces that were used weren’t that noticeable. I love how my teeth look now they are super straight! It’s really weird but I have had to learn how to smile again, and I kept smiling at myself in the mirror. I have now perfected my big cheesy grin which people really notice… for the right reasons!

We wish Charlotte all the best and hope that her gorgeous, straight smile is all that she had hoped for.

For more information on all our orthodontic treatments including fixed braces, please do not hesitate to contact our Lymm practice on 01925 756565.


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