Six Month Smiles – Chloe’s Story

Six Month Smiles For Crooked Teeth

six month smilesChloe had braces to straighten her teeth when she was at school but found that as she had got into her twenties her teeth had become crossed and crooked.

Said Chloe, “ I had perfected having photographs taken so that when I smiled, it was only at a particular angle so that you couldn’t see the shadow created by my crooked teeth. My teeth were lovely and white, just not as straight as they had been and it really began to annoy me.I knew I wanted them straightening but for whatever reason I kept putting it off. I kept thinking, if I had had started treatment 6 months ago, I’d have straight teeth by now. Inside my head this voice kept nagging me to go ahead, even my Dad started telling me to stop talking about it and go for treatment. So eventually I took the plunge and went to see Sophie for a free consultation at Dental Solutions. I am so glad I did.”

Five months later her six month smiles orthodontic treatment is complete. Added Chloe,

I was surprised how far braces had ‘come on’ since the ones I’d had at school. Whilst I knew what to expect wearing braces for the second time, the 6 month smile system was far more discrete, comfortable and super quick. To me now the difference is amazing. I absolutely love my teeth and I can just smile for photos at any angle without a second thought.

From all at Dental Solutions Lymm, we want to wish Chloe all the best and we are extremely happy that she has the perfect smile she so deserves.

For a free orthodontic consultation and to learn more about how six month smiles can improve your teeth, do not hesitate to contact our Lymm practice in Cheshire.


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