Chris’s Story – Invisalign

When I was 14, I was told by my dentist that I needed braces. I wasn’t against the idea per se, as many of my friends had them, but their description of the treatment actually put me off. I was told that I needed two teeth extracted prior to fitting the braces which would then move my teeth into position and correct my bite. I declined the treatment and decided to just live with the overcrowding.

Fast forward 14 years to when I discovered Invisalign. I was immediately interested as it promised to fix my bite and free up my crowded lower teeth which were now beginning to annoy me.  

I booked in to see Lauren at Dental Solutions who explained everything clearly and then showed me my ClinCheck – a 3D video of how my teeth were predicted to move into position. Lauren assured me that I wouldn’t need any extractions, just a small amount of filing called IPR to free up a little more space to move the teeth into line. Plus, virtually Invisible braces were much more appealing and discreet than the train tracks that were on offer to me 14 years ago.  I was really happy with my ClinCheck and decided to proceed with treatment. At my first appointment, Lauren carefully placed small bits of filling material on my teeth to act as anchors for the Invisalign braces. Over the next 6 months my teeth moved quickly into place, with mild discomfort.

I visited my hygienist Sarah twice during my invisalign treatment. Despite my best attempts to brush thoroughly, for the first time ever my gums were quite inflamed, and Sarah removed black deposits from my teeth. So, I’d recommend to anyone having orthodontic treatment to floss/interdentally clean as much as possible and see your hygienist every few months to avoid complications.

Overall my treatment was simple, highly effective and discreet and non-invasive, and I’d recommend Invisalign to anyone. Dental Solutions also offer a free refinement service if you require any final tweaks to your smile towards the end of treatment, however, I was completely satisfied first time. I have nothing but praise for the professionalism and high standard of work given by my dentist Lauren and the team. I’m much more confident when I smile now, and my teeth are much easier to care for now my smile is straight.


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