Claire’s Story – Smile Makeover

For the past 5 years, I have been very unhappy and self-conscious with previous work that had been carried out with different dentists. The main issue was being so nervous, having to have sedation for the slightest treatment to be carried out. I had tried hypnotism to minimise my fear, but with no result, visiting probably every dentist in Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester! Cost was not my main concern- at the end of the day, this was something I needed to have done just the once.

So, this is where Gavin Laidlaw entered my life! Naturally I was nervous at my first appointment. As soon as I walked through the doors I was greeted by the delightful receptionists and after waiting just five minutes, I was called in by one of Gavin’s pleasant nurses. I immediately noticed was the beautiful view of the canal and boats from Gavin’s windows. I was greeted by Gavin with his softly spoken manner. I was very fearful of getting up on the chair and I could tell that Gavin sensed this. At the end of a thorough consultation, Gavin was very professional and honest, in what would be his plan of treatment. I decided there and then, it was Gavin I wanted to help me to achieve my confident smile back. So, then my 3-month journey began. It would have been even quicker if I hadn’t opted for sedation for the prep, then the permanent result at the end.

I was so nervous, I could never attend alone for any of my appointments. Yet, as time went on, back and to, my fears and phobias started to go away. Gavin made me feel so much more relaxed. The prep work took 3 hours, but I was under sedation. My appointments between the prep work, and the final results helped my confidence with each appointment. I felt that I really mattered to the team, and that meant so much to me. I was starting to relax. I had really come to trust Gavin. His work mattered and was important to him which I think makes him as skilful as he is.

When it came to the last appointment, lasting 1.5 hours, I was booked in for sedation. With each of the follow-up appointments, Gavin would try his very best to get me to do the last hurdle without sedation. Gavin’s softly spoken reassurance, telling me how far I had come, really did boost my confidence. So, I decided to beat this and to go without it. Naturally, on the day I was very nervous but there I lay, for 1 .5 hours! The TV above my head was a great distraction. Gavin was very attentive, explaining everything he was doing. Before I knew it, it was done! The end results were far better than I could have ever imagined. With Gavin’s skilful, professional work, they couldn’t have looked any more natural! I cried with happiness! I was so proud of myself. I cannot begin to thank Gavin and his amazing team, to get me there. The constant reassurance, the calming surgery, every single person who works there – you have all been amazing. I now have the smile I had only dreamt about.

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