Clare’s Story – Fixed Braces

clare-case-study-fixed-bracesI work in the dental and healthcare marketing industry, and over the years had become increasingly aware that my smile wasn’t as great as it could be, and I really wanted to change it, even though I was over 50! My New Year’s resolution was to do something about it.  

The main issue was that after some orthodontics as a teenager, a tooth had subsequently slid back under my front tooth. It meant that I always turned my head to one side when I smiled to avoid a ‘shadow’ on photos. The final push that I needed was to be invited to a Buckingham Palace Garden party as thanks for my charity fund raising- I just had to have a great smile to meet the Queen!

So I booked an appointment with Badri and explained my predicament:  he had 5 months to wave a magic wand and straighten my smile. Badri was brilliant, completely understood what I wanted to achieve and set to work. He recommended fixed braces in order to achieve the deadline.

Having worn fixed braces as a teenager and nicknamed Jaws, I was more than a little apprehensive about wearing braces again. I needn’t have worried – they were much less noticeable than I remembered previously. People who did notice just wanted to chat about them and were very supportive. I just forgot about them and got on with my life.

The first bonding up was uncomfortable and I spoke with a slight lisp for a couple of days while I got used to them. The regular adjustments were a bit painful at times as my teeth were quickly moved into position. The results though were well worth it,  people have told me in the past that you can’t stop smiling and are more confident after treatment, and I have to say that it was exactly the same in my case too. I also had some Zoom! whitening with Vicky before the big day to ensure that my smile was super white. I religiously wear my retainers at night – there’s no sliding back again! So a huge thank you once again to Badri, Gavin and all the fantastic team at Dental Solutions for everything they have done and giving me a happy smile back.



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