Dental Solutions Is Now An Invisalign Platinum Provider!

We’ve been providing fantastic Invisalign treatment and care for a number of years here at Dental Solutions and we are proud to announce that we are now an Invisalign Platinum provider! This means that we are recognised as one of the best providers to carry out your Invisalign treatment effectively. 

Earning recognition at this level takes hundreds of individual Invisalign cases, meaning that our practice now ranks amongst the top Invisalign providers in the world, and also showcases our dedication to your treatment and results.

Why Choose An Invisalign Platinum Provider For Your Treatment?

By booking your Invisalign treatment with an Invisalign Platinum provider, you can rest assured that our dentists are committed to your treatment and ensuring success. Along with the intensive training that our clinicians go through, by earning Invisalign Platinum status, this also shows that we have gone the extra mile when it comes to delivering Invisalign treatments to our patients. 

Experience simply cannot be underestimated when it comes to Invisalign treatment, and our Platinum status shows that our team is superior when it comes to training and expertise. As an Invisalign Platinum provider, we can adjust your treatment plan as and when required in order to provide a successful outcome, leaving you with a straight set of teeth. 

This distinction means that, from the moment you step through our clinic doors, you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands. We understand that your smile can have a huge impact on your life, so knowing that your treatment will be taken care of by a team of dedicated professionals will make all the difference to your treatment journey.

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Invisalign is the perfect teeth-straightening treatment for adults of any age. Whilst teeth-straightening treatment is usually associated with teenagers, adults are becoming increasingly more interested in teeth straightening treatment due to the fantastic results and cost-effective pricing. Invisalign treatment can transform your smile in around 6-12 months(on average), leaving you with lovely, straight teeth. By choosing an Invisalign Platinum provider, you can relax in the knowledge that our team of dentists can achieve your desired results and make your treatment tailored to suit you. 

Dental Solutions are proud to be an Invisalign Platinum provider, so if you’ve been considering Invisalign treatment or would like to learn more about how to achieve straight and aligned teeth, then contact Dental Solutions today to arrange your initial consultation.


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