What Should I Expect From my Enlighten Teeth Whitening Results?

It’s fair to say that today’s population strives for the perfect smile with cosmetic dental treatments becoming increasingly popular for patients. Of the various cosmetic treatments available, teeth whitening continues to be the most popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry. This is because it’s considered a fast, affordable and quick way to get the healthy looking smile you’re looking for.

There are many teeth whitening treatment options that you can choose from that can be performed at home or in practice. However, the most advanced premium treatment currently available that really stands out is the Enlighten teeth whitening system. It’s a 2 week treatment that provides extremely positive results.

One of the most common questions that Enlighten patients tend to ask refers to what they should expect from their enlighten teeth whitening results. We provide an overview here of what can be expected and how you can feel comfortable that you’ve got the right results from your treatment.

How does Enlighten teeth whitening work?

There are essentially 4 steps for the process to achieve the Enlighten teeth whitening results that you want. The steps go as follows:

– Step 1: After a thorough check up to ensure that your teeth are dentally fit for whitening, the first step of your treatment is for your dentist to take impressions of your teeth in order to make the custom moulds for your mouth. They’ll be created just for you in the Enlighten laboratory which can take a couple of weeks to create. Once they’re available you can collect them from the practice where we will also guide you on how to use your home treatment kit.

– Step 2: The home whitening kit will require you to fill your moulds with the provided Enlighten whitening gel. These are to be worn overnight for two weeks but after the first week, you’ll expect to switch to the stronger gel to provide the top whitening results. If you feel some form of sensitivity, the Enlighten kit also comes with anti-sensitivity gel.

– Step 3: Once you’ve completed your home kit course, you’ll finish off with a visit back to the practice for a whitening session performed by your dentist. Very occasionally, and only if needed, our dentist may recommend another two weeks of at home treatment prior to this in-practice whitening session at no further cost.

– Step 4: Then, you’ll be left to continue brightening your smile at home. All you’ll need to do is wear the trays for one night every other month. Enlighten also provides a tooth serum that can be used whilst brushing your teeth. 

What should I expect from your enlighten teeth whitening results?

B1 shade guaranteed for 98% of cases

Enlighten teeth whitening treatment is considered one of the most effective advanced teeth whitening systems available. There’s a B1 guarantee for your results which has been evident in 98% of cases. Shade B1 is the whitest naturally occurring shade currently available in the market.

Your results can last forever

Once you’ve gone through the treatment, your Enlighten teeth whitening results can be maintained for a lifetime. You’ll be provided guidance on this after you’ve completed your course as it simply requires you to maintain a top-up regime every so often.

Your shade of teeth can be controlled if you wish

It’s understandable that not all patients want to have completely the same shade of whitening for their teeth. Although the treatment can guarantee B1 results, you can do the treatment up until the shade that you’re happy with. It’s just worth noting that your teeth can dehydrate during the treatment which can make them look whiter than normal, until they’ve rehydrated again.

Enlighten teeth whitening treatment at Dental Solutions

If you’re considering teeth whitening treatment and think Enlighten is right for you, we can offer it here at Dental Solutions. The treatment is now £595 which currently includes a 40 minute pre whitening hygiene treatment. Our dentists will take you through the relevant steps to start your treatment once we’ve had a consultation with you. Get in touch today to start your teeth whitening experience. 


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