Gwyneth’s Invisalign Story

gwyneths invisalign storyI had some NHS orthodontics in my twenties, but in those days there were no retainers like there are now. So unfortunately my teeth, particularly my bottom teeth had become more and more crooked over the years. I’d had some veneers to correct  my top teeth which were OK, but my top teeth were still far from the perfect smile I wanted.  As I am getting older it is really important to me to have a lovely straight white smile so I decided to take action. I live in Lymm and when I noticed the poster advertising adult orthodontics outside the practice, I decided to book a consultation. 

My dentist was lovely and she proposed a course of treatment using Invisalign on my upper and lower teeth- fortunately the treatment works well for most veneer wearers. The treatment could also close a gap in my lower jaw that had been left from the previous orthodontic work, so I no longer needed to have a bridge. She was perfectly happy for me to have orthodontic treatment, in spite of the fact that I am aged over 60, as I fulfilled all the criteria for dental health and bone density.  

My treatment took 18 months from start to finish. The only downside to Invisalign as far as I was concerned is when eating out. But I became very good at ‘ducking’ my head and discretely slipping the aligners out before I ate.  It is a bit of a nuisance to brush after eating before replacing them but it soon became a habit. But all in all a relatively minor inconvenience which was outweighed by the benefits of virtually invisible braces.

Invisalign is just as it says – virtually invisible- people didn’t really notice that I was having treatment until I actually told them. I am absolutely delighted with the results, my bottom teeth are now straight and my top teeth now have a fuller straighter arch – I now smile with complete confidence.  

I can highly recommend Dental Solutions to anyone-  the friendly team there are all very welcoming – in fact I have now recommended them to my daughter who also wants to get her teeth straightened.


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