Heather’s Story – Smile Makeover

I have been a patient at Dental Solutions for a while as I had orthodontics when I was 16 which straightened my teeth perfectly. 

However, since then I have never been entirely comfortable with the size and shape of my teeth themselves. People used to ask me if I still had baby teeth. Their appearance made me feel self-conscious and I knew I wasn’t smiling ‘properly’ as a result.

I decided to have a consultation with Gavin- there was nowhere else I’d consider. He recommended a course of whitening and after discussing the pros and cons of cosmetic bonding versus veneers, and I decided that veneers were a better longer-term option for me.

The treatment itself was completely painless- Gavin numbs you for the procedure and the time passed by really quickly. When it was finished, I looked in the mirror Gavin handed me and just I couldn’t believe how lovely my transformed smile looked. I’ve only just stopped putting my vanity mirror down in my car to check them every time I stop at traffic lights! 

I love my new smile and am so glad I went ahead with treatment. I now smile fully without a second thought- and that for me is priceless.

Check out her before and after pictures:

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