Jane’s Story – Dental Implant

Jane, showing off her friend and new dental implants.I have had problems with my teeth since being a young teenager – the roots in my bottom teeth were very shallow and have caused continuous problems throughout my life, despite the extra care I gave them with regular hygiene appointments.

In the end, they had become wobbly and sore, so I knew they had come to the end of the road. I had become overly conscious of them too – covering my mouth when I smiled and only choosing soft food when going out to eat.

I researched dental practices on the internet and chose three places to investigate further. I liked the website at Dental Solutions. Coincidentally I was chatting it through with my sister who turned out to be a patient there and she immediately encouraged me to go and see Gavin Laidlaw for a free consultation.

I must admit I was a little nervous about the thought of implant surgery but the ambience at the practice is so friendly- you can feel the warm atmosphere as soon as you step through the door. Then I saw Nicky the Implant Facilitator who I’d met years ago from the old Lakeside practice when she was a nurse and it was just like meeting up with an old friend. It completely broke the ice and she stayed with me for my appointment with Gavin, who again I knew from many years ago at Lakeside. I decided that they were absolutely the best people to look after me.

I have had 2 implants in my lower jaw – the treatment with Richard Brookshaw was a little uncomfortable afterwards but completely treatable with paracetamol. Nicky also followed up the treatment with a phone call to check how I was doing which I thought was a lovely touch. I also thought that explanatory brochures, verbal explanations and aftercare handouts from both Gavin and Richard were very good too which helped to allay any fears I had.

I am so glad that I have had the treatment – I can now eat what I want, and I am no longer having to cover my mouth when I smile. My passion in life is my guinea pigs or cavies as they are called. I am a hobby breeder with a stud of over 70. This is me with Snow Queen who is a great Mum and had a litter of seven last year. She’s back in show condition once more and is already winning lots of prizes.

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