Janet’s Story – Dental Implants

Janet, proudly showing her new Dental Implants.My dentist of many years had retired from his Grappenhall practice and I decided that as I had gaps in my smile and that I needed implants, the time was right to look for another dentist.

Having brought up a family and the various costs associated with that, there was always something else that was a spending priority. But now with the kids leaving the nest, the priority was me once more and I wanted to choose the best dentist in the area for me.

I had a good look around for dentists in the area on the internet which is how I found the Dental Solutions website. I spent a bit of time reading the patient comments – I am not particularly nervous about dental treatment, but they seemed to have a good reputation, so I booked an appointment for a consultation.

I had the consultation and then decided to go ahead with a CT scan. This identified that I needed a bone graft in order to fully secure the 2 implants I needed to fill the gaps. This was a straightforward pain-free procedure, but it took several months for the new bone to settle before they could perform the treatment.

During the surgery with Richard Brookshaw, I was fully numbed up and all I could feel was some pressure in my mouth as he worked away. He’s very good and I didn’t even need the painkillers that were prescribed for the following day.

I’m genuinely delighted with the results and as I no longer have gaps in my smile, I feel more confident. Although I am still getting used to smiling properly again, as before I’d learned to smile without showing my teeth. I am now a patient at the practice and am looked after superbly by Lauren. To anyone considering implant treatment all I would say is- do it, you won’t regret it!

So, there you have it! If Janet’s story has inspired you, then get in touch with our team on 01925 756565 or book your consultation today.


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