Jen’s Story – Lingual Braces

2018-08-jennifer-kendal-3My teeth had been bothering me for years. I had a brace when I was a teenager but I only wore the retainer for a year afterwards – they were horrible contraptions back then. So over time my teeth moved out of position. I had become very conscious of how I looked so I rarely smiled and usually avoided photos whenever I could.

I wanted a completely invisible brace and I had done quite a bit of research on lingual braces – unfortunately, they are quite a specialised area of orthodontics and only a few dentists can treat patients using the method where the braces are on the inside of your teeth. Dental Solutions shot to the top of my Google search so I came in for a consultation with Badri Chari, the Orthodontic consultant. I liked Badri and his team so I decided to go ahead with the treatment.

It took just over a year to move my teeth back into position. The first week was the hardest and I found it quite difficult to eat but after a while, I settled in.

I love my new smile and loads of people have commented on how great my teeth look now.  I was also delighted about how I have been cared for by the team at Dental Solutions. I work as a radiographer in Liverpool so Hollie the Orthodontic Facilitator was great at moving appointments around at short notice to fit in with my shifts.

I got married in April so I had the most brilliant smile and didn’t have to think twice about avoiding photographs. And I always wear my retainer now!


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