Jenny’s Story – All on Four & Nervous Patient

2018-08-jenifer-crawley-3In recent years I have dreaded going to the dentist. My teeth were getting looser and in a worse and worse state, but I felt paralysed with fear, but it was more the fear that I would be judged and ashamed that I had allowed my teeth to get in such a state and that I had let myself down. I couldn’t even eat properly any more and I was becoming depressed.

In the end, my husband Graham and I knew that we had to do something, so we researched Dental Implants in Cheshire online and I plucked up the courage and booked an appointment with Gavin. We live over 40 minutes away but having watched the video and read the reviews I felt that they could help me.

From the very moment I met Gavin and the team, I felt reassured. They were calm and non-judgmental and as soon as Gavin said ‘We can do something’ the relief was enormous. The practice somehow has a soothing atmosphere- it’s in a lovely location and everyone there puts you at your ease.

However, it wasn’t until I received the results of my scan that my nerves completely went. The good news from Nicky was that I had enough bone in my jaw for the All on Four without needing the Zygomatic implants that Richard Brookshaw also performs.

On the day of surgery itself, I had no nerves whatsoever I just wanted to get on with it. It all went very well – I can’t fault a thing – I was sedated, and Nicky kept an eye on me throughout. The first words I remember hearing after I came to were Richard’s saying she has a really good bone to the anaesthetist – that made me feel very relieved.  I then spent 1.5 hours in a dimmed recovery room whilst the in-house technician made my new smile. Gavin had previously asked me to supply him with photos of me smiling when I was younger, so he could match my smile which I thought was a lovely touch. It was quite hard to find a photo – I rarely smiled but I gave him a photo of when I was smiling aged 24 (I’m now 64!).

Gavin actually came into the practice on his day off for the ‘mirror time’ when they fit the new temporary teeth. I think everybody in the room was quite emotional as well as me – for the first time in ages I felt like me again. My lips were a little swollen, but I just felt amazing.

My teeth look so natural – the colour is fantastic, and Gavin has managed to perfectly match my 24-year-old teeth again. Both Graham and I are foodies – we have a lovely apartment in Italy and so eat out all the time. I can eat bruschetta and crostini now without a second thought. I am so glad that I have had the treatment done – it has been worth every penny.



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