Jen’s Wedding Story – Lingual Braces

I had a brace when I was a teenager but I only wore the retainer for a year afterwards – they were horrible contraptions back then. So over time my teeth moved out of position. I had become very conscious of how I looked so I rarely smiled and usually avoided photos wherever possible. However my forthcoming marriage to Reuben was the focus I needed to get my teeth straightened in time for the all-important wedding photos!

I wanted a completely invisible brace and I had done quite a bit of research on lingual braces- they are quite a specialised area of orthodontics so only a few highly trained dentists can treat patients this way. Effectively the braces are placed on the inside of your teeth so no one knows you have braces apart from you and your dentist. Dental Solutions shot to the top of my Google search so I came in for a free consultation with Badri Chari, the Orthodontic consultant there. I liked Badri and his team and the proposed treatment plan so I decided to go ahead.

It took just over a year to move my teeth back into position. The first week was the hardest and I found it quite difficult to eat but after a while I got used to them.

I love my new smile and loads of people have commented on how great my teeth look now.  I work as a radiographer in Liverpool so Hollie the Orthodontic Facilitator was great at moving appointments around at short notice to fit in with my shifts.

We got married in April at Styal Lodge so I had the most brilliant smile and I wasn’t remotely self-conscious about photographs. Our two beautiful twins were the pageboys which made the day even more special. We had our mini moon in Barcelona for a few days as we didn’t want to leave the boys for too long.


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