Jillian’s Story – Zygomatic Implants

As a young girl in the 1960’s I was given antibiotics that made my second teeth come through discoloured. At the age of 21 I had veneers which lasted for a few years, then I had my teeth crowned. At the age of 45 those crowns became loose and I lost my front top teeth, followed by even more which meant me having to have a palate or denture which was heartbreaking.

I’m a hairdresser so my job is in the public eye (apart from facing a mirror all the time) so my smile is massively important to me.! I hated having my photo taken as I couldn’t smile, and eating out was a huge problem too. I didn’t like the way my face had sunken in and my top lip was virtually non-existent. I looked old!! I had enquired about implants when I first lost my teeth but was told I did not have enough bone to secure them. I just thought ‘this is it’ for the rest of my life.

Then I stumbled over Gavin is My Dentist website. Reading about zygomatic implants got me excited so I booked a consultation with Gavin. After having a scan, Gavin gave me the news that Richard Brookshaw could do the Zygomatic procedure for me. I was so excited I went home and cried with joy. 

I was then introduced to Nicky the implant facilitator who was fab and really friendly – putting me at ease. She oversaw my treatment from beginning to end. Do have a look at my blog which details the procedure and recovery.

The feeling now of having teeth firmly in my mouth is amazing- I cannot describe how much more confident I have become.

At first I was a little shy about smiling but now I can’t stop. I found it a little strange to talk at first but by slowing down my speech and trying to pronounce my words more helped as I got used to having teeth once again. 

The difference it has made to my face is unbelievable. They say it’s a dental face lift and they are not wrong. I have had lots of positive comments from my clients saying – ‘Jill what’s different?’ or ‘Jill you look 10 years younger’. Going out for meals and not having to leave the table to go and make sure my denture was ok is just wonderful. 

It’s the best thing that I have ever done!


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