John’s Story – Dental Implants

2018-08-john-barnsby-4I haven’t ever had a brilliant set of teeth, never really looked after them properly and hated the thought of going to the dentist, in spite of the fact that my partner is a dental nurse and nags me about them!

It hasn’t been helped that I have worked all over the country and never stayed in one place for any period of time. I eventually went to see a dentist in North Wales who diagnosed that I had periodontal disease that unfortunately was well established. My two lower teeth that were loose in the front of my mouth could not be saved and I was told that my only available option was a denture.

I hated the denture and it made me feel absolutely miserable. It was loose and uncomfortable. I became withdrawn, couldn’t eat properly, loathed wearing it and didn’t even want to go out and meet with our friends any more. It got so bad that it actually affected my relationship with my partner and we split up for a while. We now both call it ‘Teethgate’!

The final straw was my daughter’s wedding. The thought of smiling for the photographs with a gap in my mouth was too much to face. I googled dentists in Cheshire and I recognised Dental Solutions amongst the other practices and saw that they were having an Open Day. I plucked up the courage and dialled their number. I spoke to Janet on Reception who transferred me to Nicky the Implant Facilitator and Practice Manager. She was brilliant from the very start and managed to get me an appointment with Gavin within a week.  I met with Gavin who gave me lots of confidence and restored my trust again, got a quotation and treatment plan the same day.

I genuinely felt that Nicky did everything possible to make sure that I could smile for my daughter’s wedding by moving scans and appointments forward for me. Richard on the day of surgery went through my treatment in fine detail stage by stage. I felt completely relaxed and didn’t feel anything, just a little noise. In what seemed like a very short time I had 2 implants and four lovely new teeth to fill the gap.

For the first time in 40 years, I feel that I can smile properly again and eat the foods I want to eat without a second thought. I am much better at caring for my teeth now and am visiting the hygienist 4 times a year to keep my implants in good shape. Thank you to all the brilliant team for all they have done for me – particularly for saving my relationship.


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