Joyce’s Story – Zygomatic Implant Treatment

joyce-all-on-4-implantsI had struggled with a partial palate to replace some missing teeth for 3 years which I didn’t like and I only wore to go to work or to go out and took out as soon as I got home. Then when my front teeth started to feel loose I just knew that I had to do something but couldn’t face the thought of wearing dentures.

I researched and attended a couple of consultations before making my decision – which definitely was the best one. I met up with Gavin and then Richard Brookshaw who recommended an All on 4 treatment using zygomatic implants to secure them. I just didn’t have enough bone density for the implants to be placed in my jaw so the implants go into your cheekbones instead. I felt very lucky that I found Richard to do my treatment – he’s one of just a few surgeons in the country who can perform this complex treatment. Whilst zygomatic implants are not a cheap option, I never felt under any pressure to proceed.

In terms of the implant treatment on the day itself I had no discomfort, whilst feeling aware of what was going on around me most of the time. I was expecting pain in the following days but instead it was more a feeling of discomfort with a bit of swelling and minor bruising on my jawline which was controlled quite easily with ibuprofen.

When I went back to work after a week, my colleagues were so complimentary – they just couldn’t believe how natural they looked. My confidence has really grown since the treatment – I no longer cover my mouth which I used to do before the treatment. I cannot fault any of the team at Dental Solutions, just thank them so much for giving me back the ability to smile once more.


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