Dental Implants – Judith’s Story

dental implantsJudith came to visit Gavin after her dentist referred her to Dental Solutions in Lymm, Cheshire from another practice. She had recently lost two teeth- unfortunately she had a history of poor dental health, coupled with the fact that she was incredibly nervous about visiting the dentist. Judith wanted to replace the missing teeth with dental implants, but needed to know if there was enough bone in her jaw to support them.

Said Judith ‘I remember the first time I walked in to the practice for my initial consultation. I was almost paralysed with an immense fear. Gavin was so kind, he reassured me, took his time and his nurse even held my hand to calm me down.’

Luckily, there was enough bone in Judith’s jaw for dental implants and so after discussing the various treatment options open to her, treatment started within a few days. Throughout the dental implant treatment Judith was impressed by Gavin’s patience and the team support and care for her, especially from his nurses.

And now the treatment is complete? ‘In a way when I look back now to how I was I am ashamed that I had let myself get to that low point before having dental implants. People now say that I look really well. I can eat what I want to again. I laugh without covering my mouth. I am much less self conscious and feel that I don’t have to hide any more- I am a much more open person than I was before.’


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