Julia’s Story – Fixed Braces

julia-scott-orthodonitcs-dental-solutionsI absolutely hated my teeth and therefore I rarely smiled.

I always felt that people were looking at my crooked teeth rather than at me when they were talking to me. My job is as a relationship manager in a bank so I spend a lot of time visiting and meeting all sorts of different people. So a great smile became more and more important to me.

I eventually decided to get my teeth straightened. I live in St Helens so I looked at all the dental practices that offered Invisalign locally but then I also found Dental Solutions in Lymm and liked all the patient stories on their website. I came along for a consultation and decided that Dental Solutions offered the best solution for me at the right price – plus I really liked Badri and all the team that would be treating me.

In the end, the fixed braces treatment was very straightforward and took just 18 months, a lot quicker than Badri originally thought it would take. I only had one mishap at the brief stage when I was wearing elastic bands to move my teeth quickly into position. One of my bands came off and pinged across the room in front of a client – it was certainly a talking point!

I am so much more confident now I have had my treatment and my teeth are straight – I love them. I smile much more and am now happy to be tagged on social media whereas before braces I wouldn’t allow people to tag me. Now when I am in meetings I feel that I can communicate much better as I don’t feel that people are staring at my teeth anymore.

I’d highly recommend Dental Solutions to anyone considering having their teeth straightened. All the team are really friendly and welcoming at the practice- I was even given a bottle of prosecco when my treatment was complete!


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