Katy’s Story – Invisalign

Whilst everyone was having orthodontics in their teens, my teeth were lovely and straight. It wasn’t until all my friends were having their braces taken off that my teeth started to become overcrowded and slip behind each other.

I came to Dental Solutions for a consultation and discussed the different options for tooth straightening. I felt that I was almost too old for traditional metal braces, especially as my friends now had lovely straight white teeth. I decided instead to go for the Invisalign option.

My treatment only took 8 months from start to finish -the time went so quickly. Sometimes the clear aligners had little white dots on them where additional force was needed to move or rotate an individual tooth.  I felt rather conscious of their dotty appearance on my smile! However I took my Mums’ advice of mentioning the dots to people up front – however nobody seemed remotely bothered by them so I needn’t have worried. 

It was also a little different to get used to taking the aligners out to eat, then brushing before popping them back in. But again it was a habit that I got used to.

The dentist was a perfectionist, at the end of my treatment she did some final refinements to achieve a perfect smile, including some shaping of a couple of teeth to improve my smile symmetry and some whitening to brighten their colour. 

I am so delighted with the results – people really compliment me on my smile now and as a result I smile a lot more than I did before Invisalign treatment- I feel as though I have more confidence too.

 I really appreciate the job that the Dental Solutions team did to improve my smile- I’m so happy that I decided to use Invisalign too, it was perfect for me.


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