Kim’s Story – Lingual Braces Changed My Life

Kim had always felt conscious of her crooked teeth when she talked and smiled and she felt that this had an impact on her confidence in professional and social situations.Kin lingual braces

Once she decided on orthodontic treatment, she visited a number of practices in the North West to get a feel for the different clinics and treatment options before deciding who was the best dentist to treat her.

She decided to go ahead with her treatment after her consultation at Dental Solutions, Lymm. She met Badri, the orthodontist at Dental Solutions and Maria the dental therapist, who went through a number of different treatment options with her. Kim decided the she would go ahead with a treatment plan using lingual braces. Lingual braces are a completely invisible brace placed on the inside of your teeth. So throughout, no one really knew apart from Kim that any treatment was taking place! This made Kim more confident in getting braces.

The treatment in Kim’s case was also extremely fast, taking just 4 months to straighten her smile.
And now how does Kim feel now the treatment is complete?

‘It was well worth every penny – a fantastic investment in my smile. I am much more confident in group situations than I was before, and I smile much more than I did before – I guess I am a happier person now!’.

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