Lee’s Story – Dental Implant

I had been struggling with crowns in my front teeth for a while. I kept getting one crown re cemented on several occasions. It was getting to the point where I worried about going on holiday in case it dropped out while I was away. I even had the crown fall out when I sneezed on the way to an important business meeting. Fate has a funny sense of humour, clearly your crown will never fall out on the way to the dentist! I was eventually advised by my own dentist that the tooth under the crown was failing and realised that I needed to act. I didn’t want a denture, and I realised an implant was the only real secure option available to me. 

I searched around the internet for possible implant places and then found Dental Solutions. It was reading their patient testimonials (and the reason why I’m writing this one today) that motivated me to pick up the phone and call. 

I was instilled with confidence from the moment I walked through the door. These guys do implants day in and day out, yet they understand that it is a big deal for their patients. You get a warm welcome from everyone- they are so friendly and relaxed. Gavin talked to me about the treatment and before I left I received a treatment estimate. There are no hidden charges – what is quoted is what you pay. I decided to get going straight away. Treatment is very straightforward and painless, and I followed all the post treatment instructions to the letter so there was no post-operative pain or bruising.

So, to anyone reading this – I was in the same place as you! But 8 months on from that first visit I honestly feel so much better that I have had the implant done. I can’t recommend the whole team at Dental Solutions highly enough; in fact, I have already recommended them to a few people.

For more information on how we can help to restore your smile, with dental implants or any of our other cosmetic procedures, simply call now on 01925 756565. Our friendly reception team are waiting to help.


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