Linda’s Story – 6 Month Smiles for Misaligned Teeth

Linda misaligned teethMy two front teeth were crossing at the front and their crooked appearance had become increasingly noticeable. I had teeth whitening a few years ago and I had always been proud of my smile so I really wanted to resolve the overcrowding that was causing my teeth to become misaligned – I felt that the time was right to make an investment in myself – and why not?

I looked around online for the offers on teeth straightening and was attracted by the initial free consultation and special Invisalign offer at Dental Solutions in Lymm. It’s located quite close to where I work. Another practice I contacted wanted to charge me £100 for their consultation so I decided to see the team at Solutions first. I’m so glad I did.

Richard Tones recommended the 6 month smiles course of treatment which actually took a little bit longer – but still just 10 months from start to finish. I paid ten 0% interest free instalments of £200 a month which made budgeting easy and the treatment very affordable indeed.

When I first had the ceramic braces fitted I was surprised that I felt no pain. However I felt very self conscious for a couple of days – but people close to me – work colleagues and friends could hardly tell that I was wearing anything. As a private practice, making adjustment appointments to suit me were easy, convenient and fitted around my work schedule too. Also I was expecting the way I spoke would change – that perhaps I’d speak with a lisp – but fortunately it didn’t affect my speech at all.

I would recommend orthodontics for anyone who is considering straightening their teeth- it’s not just for teenagers and I was surprised at how many people are getting it done now. Better technology means that treatment times are far shorter than they used to be years ago. Plus you get into some really good habits as you become slightly obsessed about keeping your teeth clean and your braces spinach free!

Now they are straight I have had some lovely compliments about my teeth- and I just can’t stop smiling- all in all it was a very worthwhile investment- in me!


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