Linda’s Story – Individual Dental Implants

individual dental implantsI have been a patient of Gavin’s since he first opened Dental Solutions over twelve years ago. Unfortunately, I had recently been to see him about an infection in my tooth and Gavin tried but couldn’t save it. He explained the different alternatives available to replace it and fill the gap, but I decided that an implant was the best solution for me.

I was sent off by Gavin for a CT scan to establish that I had enough bone to place the implant into – but the whole process was very easy and straightforward and I received the good news that all was OK for me to go ahead with the implant.

As for the implant procedure itself, it was absolutely fine on the day- I had read all the literature so I knew what to expect. The only slight surprise was to walk into the implant suite to see everyone gowned up like in an operating theatre instead of a normal dental suite- but then again this is surgery and they follow very strict protocols- it was just a bit unexpected. I was then duly ‘numbed up’ and didn’t feel a thing. Richard Brookshaw and his nurse were both lovely and calming and Richard kept me informed throughout on the different stages of the process. Now the treatment is complete and the permanent crown is fitted my implant feels just like a natural tooth. I am so glad I have had it done. I particularly want to thank Nicky and the rest of the girls for being so amazing and accommodating throughout the whole process.




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