Linda’s Story – Invisalign

I have always been very conscious of my teeth, especially a front tooth that stuck out and have always avoided smiling for photos. As a child, I had a plate that made me lisp causing great embarrassment. I never wore it. I also don’t feel comfortable at the dentist and have never allowed anyone to give me an injection.  

It wasn’t until a friend told me that a member of their family was having Invisalign that I realised that I could do something about straightening my smile in a very discrete way. I did a lot of research on Invisalign before I came for my consultation with Amy at Dental Solutions. 

Amy was brilliant throughout the treatment at explaining how the technology of Invisalign was working to move my teeth into position. The treatment took longer than expected, primarily due to the enforced practice closure during the first lockdown. In addition, I paid extra to have some more aligners for another 19 weeks to get my smile just right. I can honestly say that I felt no pain throughout the treatment. Only a few people noticed that I was wearing aligners- they really are so clever. I also became very adept at removing them when sitting down to eat. The team looking after me have been wonderful. Invisalign is not cheap, but it is 100{4a9254d467a64c1e51086d3bdd1107e0bcb2b3308df85966a5fd21f50c95df53} worth it.  I’m 70 this year, and I so wish that I had had Invisalign sooner- I now love my new smile and never give a moment’s thought to smiling which means so much to me.

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