Lizzie’s Story – Invisalign

2018-08-elizabeth-taylor-1Whilst I had worn fixed braces as a teenager my teeth were becoming more crooked, which I noticed were getting worse after having my kids. I started to feel really self-conscious and hated smiling for pictures. In addition food was getting stuck between my teeth which my dentist told me was causing gum disease.

My dentist recommended a course of treatment to halt the gum disease which lasted a year and then on a friend’s recommendation I came to see Dental Solutions for an orthodontic consultation. 

They were so lovely and knowledgeable and reassured me that they could straighten my smile again. After looking at the different options available, we decided that upper and lower Invisalign was the best solution. I also arranged for 10 months interest free credit to make it all affordable.

I was amazed at how quickly my teeth started to get back into place within just 5 months. They actually widened my previously narrow smile too which looks so much better! 

Whilst I loved my new straight teeth, the best bit was the result of the free tooth whitening which made my smile look amazing. I am so much more confident now – I feel like me again, I’m so much happier, and since finishing the treatment I’ve been told I look 15 years younger! 

My new smile has been worth every penny, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone else considering it. I just wish I had done it ages ago.


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