Lorna’s Story – Dental Implants

Lorna Dental Implants18 months ago I was told by my dentist in Bury that I needed to have 6 teeth removed. I couldn’t believe it, I was shocked to the core by the news as I had always looked after my teeth, never had experienced any problems and had regularly visited the dentist and the hygienist all my life – I loved my smile and I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. I called my daughter Mandy in floods of tears who then arranged to see another dentist for a second opinion, this time in Manchester city centre. He gave me the same verdict but added that I would need to wear a plate which devastated me even more.

So Mandy then booked an appointment and brought me to see her own dentist – Gavin at Dental Solutions. He was very sensitive and calming – he seemed to understand how upset I was. After a thorough examination and long discussion about the different options available to me Gavin explained that my teeth failing was more about bad luck than any neglect of mine. He recommended that 3 dental implants and a crown could replace the teeth that I needed to lose. I agreed to proceed with the treatment and never looked back.

The whole experience of getting my teeth removed and placing the dental implants was remarkably pain free and quite calming – I can’t thank the team enough, especially Richard Brookshaw who placed my implants and was so patient and understanding throughout.

And now, I am back to feeling like Lorna once more. I have regained all the confidence that I had lost and can honestly say that I feel like myself again – I can’t even tell which teeth are implants and which are the real ones.



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