Luke’s Tooth Implant Story

luke-single-dental-implantI think that I first damaged my tooth whilst playing rugby when I was about 10 years old. I have been told that a hard tackle or impact to the face may have caused an abscess to develop in my gum which destroyed one of my tooth’s roots. There were no visible sign of any damage or discolouration in the tooth itself until over 10 years later I felt a cracking sound whilst I was eating a lollipop where my tooth had snapped at the weak point in the root.

I immediately came to see Gavin who had been our family dentist for many years. He talked through the different options available to me including a false tooth supported by a bridge on the two surrounding teeth or an implant. I felt at the age of 21 that I was too young for a bridge – I wanted my tooth to look and feel as natural as possible. Also Gavin warned me that having a bridge could potentially weaken the two supporting teeth over time. So I decided to go ahead with an implant and proceeded to have a consultation and treatment with Richard Brookshaw. Once the implant was fixed and healed sufficiently, I went back to Gavin who fitted an identical replacement tooth of which looked and felt very natural.

I work for the family Signs and Graphics business – my job involves meeting people all day, every day so my smile is very important to me.  I felt that having the implant was well worthwhile for the outcome I achieved. I have had a titanium dental implant of which feels as natural and comfortable as one of my own teeth, I soon forgot the implant was even there! I need to take more care than before with flossing, regular hygienist visits and check-ups to keep it clean,  but otherwise it’s very low maintenance.

I can highly recommend Gavin Laidlaw, Richard Brookshaw and all the friendly team at Dental Solutions.



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