Natalie’s Story – Fixed Braces For Crooked Teeth

Natalie fixed bracesI used to be a patient of Gavin’s at his Padgate practice which was where I lived when I was growing up.  When Gavin moved from Padgate and opened Dental Solutions in Lymm I lost touch, although I always remembered that he had suggested that I should have braces on my teeth which were very crooked.  However when I was a teenager, like many of my friends at the time, the thought of braces was just not an option, so I had always said no.

When I got engaged to be married however my Mum suggested that I look at having braces again. She offered to pay for the orthodontic treatment which was amazingly kind of her. I researched the different options available and  booked an initial consultation with Sophie Parker at Dental Solutions for 6 Month Smiles. Unfortunately my teeth weren’t suitable for 6 month smiles treatment – I needed a lot of work doing – so instead Sophie referred me to Badri for fixed braces.

Badri was great and my teeth moved into position 6 months quicker than expected. I am self employed and work in the beauty industry so a lovely straight smile is very important to me. I absolutely love my new straight smile now the braces are off – it felt very strange at first as I had got used to wearing the braces and had virtually stopped noticing them. I’m so glad I had them done, I only wish I’d done it a few years before.



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