Natasha’s Story – Fixed Braces

I have hated my teeth for ages – they made me so unhappy. They were overcrowded, one of my top teeth had completely twisted around on itself and my bottom teeth were very crooked too. I should have had orthodontics as a teenager but when I was 14 my friend put me off from having braces because she said they hurt.

I would do all sorts of tricks to deflect people’s attention away from my smile, holding a cup against my mouth pretending to blow on the liquid to cool it, fiddling with my necklace, biting my nails – you name it I did it!

I got married young and I absolutely hated my wedding photos but in the end two years ago I came to Dental Solutions to meet Gavin – petrified of dentists but knowing I couldn’t go on any longer.

Gavin and his team were lovely and were great at calming my nerves. I needed a couple of teeth removing to create some space, then I transferred to Badri the Orthodontic consultant and Hollie the Ortho Facilitator who took over my care. It wasn’t a straightforward treatment – it took nearly two years from start to finish as my jaw was realigned and my teeth moved into place. And let me tell you they didn’t really hurt either!

I have always had a wide smile, so it has been fantastic now my treatment has finished smiling properly again without having to cover my mouth. We are renewing our vows after 10 years of marriage as I was desperate to have some wedding photos that I love and am proud of. I’m much more confident as a person too. All I would say to any nervous patients holding back from orthodontics due to an irrational fear of dentists is pick up the phone and go and see dental Solutions – that first call is the hardest thing you’ll do, it’s all downhill from there – the team will look after you every step of the way.


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