6 Month Smiles – Mandy’s Story

Nervous Patient With 6 Month Smiles Treatment

“I had been looking for a new dentist for a while. My wisdom teeth had been squashing the rest of my teeth together and making them more crooked. I’d had a bad experience with another dentist three years ago, so I had actually stopped going to the dentist. However, I then noticed that my gums were beginning to recede so I knew that I had to take action. I started looking at different dentist’s websites and getting quotes. I chose Dental Solutions because they seemed to be very good at caring for nervous patients like me. When I went for my first free consultation, it didn’t feel like a normal dentist practice. It was brighter and much more friendly and welcoming. Gavin didn’t make me feel ashamed that I hadn’t been to a dentist in a long time. He then booked me in with a hygienist to get to grips with my gums.

Once I had become ‘dentally fit‘ again as they like to call it, I decided to take action to straighten my teeth. There was a special offer at the practice for 6 month smiles which also included free tooth whitening. For me it was well worth the investment of my time and money – I feel much more comfortable now about giving people a nice broad smile. Seeing all the team at Dental Solutions is always a pleasure, they know me by name and it’s always nice to catch up with them. Coming to Dental Solutions is like nothing else – certainly not a dentist- more like a visit to a hairdresser. I’m no longer a nervous patient. Great service and they seem to have much more time for you- I couldn’t recommend them more highly and I already do to my friends and family!”

We’ve loved working with Mandy on her journey to a beautiful smile. If you are a nervous patient, or if you would like to see if 6 Month Smiles would work for you, please book in for a free consultation by calling 01925 393839, where our Patient Experience Manager Carly would be happy to help.


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