Can I Have Dental Implants For Front Teeth Only

The front teeth in our mouth are the most exposed which can make them extremely vulnerable to being damaged from trauma, sport injuries and dental injuries. If you were ever to lose your front teeth due to one of these …

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Are Dental Implants Safe For Me?

Dental implants may have been one procedure that you’ve heard of when you’re considering treatment for missing teeth. They are classed as an artificial substitute for missing teeth and can help to bring back a patient’s tooth in function and …

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Should I Consider Dental Implants or Bridge Work

Losing teeth comes with many downfalls – it can negatively impact the appearance of your smile, create functionality or eating issues and can seriously knock your confidence. As a result, many patients opt for dental solutions to recover their smile …

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Invisalign – What to Expect From Your Invisalign Consultation

If you’re looking for a solution to straighten your teeth, Invisalign can be a great option for you to choose. If you’re currently researching Invisalign and what it can offer you, we can help with our 100% free Invisalign consultation …

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Should I Get Straight Teeth Treatment, Even During a Pandemic?

Did you plan on gaining straight, attractive teeth with a visit to your dentist, but the COVID-19 pandemic put everything on hold? Perhaps you’re a little more fearful about your dentist appointment with the risk of the virus spreading, or, …

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Is it Possible to Receive Invisalign For Bottom Teeth or Top Teeth Only

If you’re looking to improve your smile but feel as though you only need partial treatment, getting Invisalign for bottom teeth or top teeth only could be a consideration for you. This will involve a single arch treatment where you’d …

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4 Reasons to Consider Composite Bonding For Front Teeth

When you smile, one of the first things that people see is your front teeth. If they’re odd in shape or discoloured, they can look rather unattractive, in turn affecting your confidence and preventing you smiling or covering your mouth. …

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5 Tips Every Orthodontic Patient Should Know About Wearing Invisalign

Invisalign is considered a modern alternative to straighten teeth compared to traditional metal or ceramic braces. The treatment consists of wearing clear, removable aligners which over time enables your teeth to straighten and rectify any orthodontic issues that you may …

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Patient Stories – Dental Implants at Dental Solutions

We’re happy to announce that Dental Solutions will be hosting a series of dental implant open evenings this year; on Tuesday 1st September, Tuesday 6th October and Tuesday 10th November. It provides an opportunity for new patients to ask questions …

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