Patrick’s Story – Quick Straight Teeth

I first came to Dental Solutions as my sister had tooth whitening treatment there and recommended that I should call in for a free orthodontic consultation. I was very conscious of my smile, in particular my pointy fangs (aka my canines) which seemed to make my smile very uneven.

Amy the dentist I saw discussed the different options available to me which included Invisalign, Lingual (hidden braces) and Quick Straight Teeth. Based on cost and speed I decided on Quick Straight teeth as being the best option for me. 

People did notice me wearing braces at first but as they are clear you can’t see them in any photos of me taken whilst I had them on. I struggled with them to begin with – the braces were uncomfortable, and my cheeks were quite sore, but Amy gave me some dental wax to use which controlled the irritation on the inside of my mouth. 

The whole experience has been brilliant from start to finish in the 7 months of treatment. Visiting the Amy and her nursing team for my regular adjustments was not a chore but a laugh. When I was debonded and Amy then reduced the size of incisors in line with the rest of my teeth, I was so happy that I hugged her with sheer joy at seeing my new straight smile.

I used to be very self-conscious and mastered the art of smiling with my mouth closed, but now I smile broadly without a second thought. The free whitening treatment afterwards was an added bonus!


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