Pauline’s Story – Zygomatic Implants

Pauline's Story - Zygomatic Implants

Unfortunately, I have never had brilliant teeth- my first crown was at the age of 11 and my first denture at the age of 12. My situation got worse when I was expecting, and I had 7 crowns- mostly caused by abscesses. I ended up with a full denture in my top teeth but then I had a cyst in my lower jaw and my teeth were beginning to deteriorate there too. My bad teeth were really affecting me – I always shied away from photos and hated going out to eat. I have three lovely grandchildren who I loved being with, but I didn’t like to smile with them.

With no real alternative other than another denture at my NHS dentist, I decided to look at All-on-4 treatment. I found a couple of names that seemed suitable and came across the gavinismydentist website and read some of their reviews. I plucked up the courage and booked a consultation.  

A scan detected that I didn’t have enough bone to have normal implants but instead that I could have Zygomatic implants in my cheekbones instead. There’s only a handful of surgeons who can perform this procedure and Richard Brookshaw is one of them so I’m so glad I came here. I also met with another patient at the practice who told me about her experience which was very reassuring. 

Apparently it was a long day of treatment, but Patrick the anaesthetist was marvellous, and I didn’t feel or remember a thing about it. There was a bit of swelling and bruising afterwards but with the prescribed medications there was no pain and I quickly recovered in a few days. I initially ate soft foods like pasta and rice for 4 months but now I am eating properly again. And with no denture at the top of my mouth I can taste and chew completely normally which is fantastic. My new teeth also feel like they are part of me. I can’t single out a specific person to praise as everyone at Solutions has been lovely from the Receptionists to the hygienists and the dentists. I would encourage anyone considering this treatment to go ahead and would be happy to tell them about my own experience in more detail if they ever needed to know more.

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