Paul’s Story – Dental Implants

My implant story started many years ago when I was a child. I damaged my front two teeth when a swing hit me in the mouth. My adult teeth grew through discoloured and damaged. I always felt uncomfortable with them throughout my teens and twenties–I was very self-conscious, never smiled for photos and I would cover my mouth, but I lived with them as they were.

Then one of my front teeth fell out altogether and I knew that I wanted dental implants to fill the gap. I googled Dental implants in my local area – I come from Grappenhall and I found Dental Solutions–their website seemed friendly and inviting so I called for a consultation. 

I met Nicky first the implant facilitator, then Gavin the Principal and finally Richard Brookshaw who placed my implants on the day. From start to finish, I felt looked after–their patient care was so good and very different to what I’d been used to previously. At each stage they explained to me what would happen next–there were no nasty surprises or hidden costs.

After the implants were restored by Gavin, I also had some whitening treatment to brighten the surrounding teeth. 

I am delighted with my treatment; it has literally changed my life. I am more confident now, I smile more, and I am much more assertive in meetings, when previously I would have taken a back seat.

I can highly recommend Dental Solutions in Lymm for anyone who is considering implants–just do it!

For more information about Dental Implants, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01925 756565. Our friendly reception team are waiting to help.


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