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tooth whiteningYou may have heard of the discussions being held on radio about some of the problems people have come across by having their Tooth whitening carried out by a non professional on the high street.

Here at Dental Solutions we provide a range of Tooth Whitening procedures, all carried out by fully qualified, experienced and fully insured dental professionals (Dr Gavin Laidlaw, Dr Sophie Parker and Dr Richard Tones).

All of our patients are provided with a thorough Dental Examination before any treatment is started. In this examination we are looking to ensure that patients are dentally fit for the procedure, by dentally fit we mean, that there are no major dental issues present, such as dental caries that may hinder or cause any discomfort to the patient during the procedure. Once the patient has been confirmed as dentally fit we would then discuss the various whitening treatments we have available at Dental Solutions, such as Enlighten, Zoom and the home whitening procedure.

Once a procedure has been selected that best suits the patients needs we would provide the patient with a thorough and detailed description of the procedure and what they can expect to achieve. Patients are always provided with pre and post operative instructions to ensure the procedure is followed accordingly by the patient at home. We also insist on seeing our patients for a review appointment to ensure that the patient is happy with the results and has achieved the desired outcome.

We are very confident in the treatment and care that we provide to our patients, and we believe this is reflected in the prices, compared to the high street! Having said that, why not take advantage of our Tooth Whitening offer, the Feel Good Fridays, and give yourself a fantastic fresh looking smile this fall 🙂


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