Repairing A Chipped Tooth: What You Need to Know

Have you had an accident which has left you with a chipped tooth? A sports injury? Biting into a hard mouthful of food? When it comes to our smile, even small imperfections like a chip can feel momentous. Quickly affecting our confidence. For that reason, finding a quick and comprehensive solution for your chipped tooth can be incredibly important. 

With that in mind, there are a couple of options that you can explore when it comes to treating your chipped tooth. 

Composite Bonding 

When it comes to a smaller chip, comprehensive solutions like a crown or veneer may be somewhat of a case of a small problem, big solution. In which case, you may want to explore a dental solution that is more measured to the actual problem. For many, this solution may come in the form of composite bonding

A treatment which can be conducted in just one visit, composite bonding can help to achieve small changes without having to cover the entire tooth. The composite resin used to make the changes can be coloured to match the rest of your natural tooth exactly. During the procedure, this is used to fill or make up the chip, which then hardens and is sanded down to match the rest of the teeth. This is then polished to match the natural shine of your other teeth. 

Composite bonding can also be used in several different ways other than to fix chips. In some cases, this technique can be used to extend, change the shape and even close gaps between teeth. It is an extremely versatile dental solution and can be used to help fill in chips or gaps that may be affecting your smile. 


If the chip is more extensive, then you may wish to consider dental veneers as a more comprehensive way to cover the chipped tooth. 

When choosing veneers, there are a couple of options which you can explore. The procedure can be carried out with either porcelain or composite veneers. Both can be colour-matched to fit your smile, but they tend to have different levels of durability over time. This can often be the defining factor, as composite veneers last around 4 to 8 years and porcelain around 10 to 15. So, the long-term durability of the procedure should be considered before choosing between the two. 

To discuss your options when it comes to repairing a chipped tooth, book your free consultation now. Or you can contact our reception team on 01925 756565 for a quick discussion. 


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