Richard’s Invisalign Story

Richards Invisalign StoryAs I was getting older, my teeth were moving more and more out of place, particularly one of my front teeth. It was becoming more and more noticeable, probably more to me than anyone else, but I felt that the time was now or never to take action. My job is in recruitment and I meet clients and candidates all the time, so I really didn’t want to wear metal braces which I felt would be too noticeable and uncomfortable.

A friend of mine had also had his teeth straightened at a practice in Sale. He encouraged me to get my teeth done so I went to his practice for a quote, and I also went to see Dental Solutions for a consultation. They were slightly cheaper, and the fact that they are based in Lymm where I lived made it much more convenient too so I decided to go ahead with Invisalign treatment.

The treatment took a year from start to finish, probably a bit longer than expected as I am a bit of a coffee drinker so I know that I took the retainers out more than I should! The Invisalign system was also great for me because they are removable. When you get the new retainers every couple of weeks, they hurt a bit to begin with, so I used to take them out for a couple of minutes if they were hurting to have a little break – something that you just can’t do with fixed braces. 

So now my treatment is complete I am delighted with the results. My teeth look so much better, and people have commented on the difference. When I smiled for photos in the past I never really showed my teeth, now I smile fully  without a second thought.

I can highly recommend Dental Solutions to anyone-  I am so glad that I had the work done.  I wear retainers at night to keep my teeth in position, but other than that I just wear a big smile.


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