Richard’s Story – Invisalign

Richard Invisalign“I always wanted to change the look of my top teeth. They used to stick out quite a lot and so it was quite hard to bite into and enjoy food. My brother-in-law is a dental technician and he recommended that I book in a free consultation with the Invisalign Specialists at Dental Solutions, Lymm.

I’m not a teenager anymore so the idea of wearing train track braces didn’t appeal to me in the slightest. The team recommended Invisalign which was the perfect teeth-straightening system for me. People had absolutely no idea that I was wearing dental braces, I actually had to tell people what was happening as they had started to notice the amazing change in my smile!

You just take the retainers out when you want to eat, otherwise, they are in all the time and they just become part of your life. You get a new set of retainers every couple of weeks, and they do feel a bit uncomfortable for a couple of days while your teeth move into position, but otherwise, I used to forget it was in!

I would recommend Invisalign to anyone who is considering straightening their smile. It’s given me more confidence as a person and it’s improved my ability to eat the foods I struggled with before. The treatment has taken just a year, and as part of the treatment, the team at Dental Solutions give you free teeth whitening!”

We wish Richard well and hope that his smile continues to dazzle!


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