Sandra’s Story – Dental Implants

My implant story started when on a holiday in Scotland, staying in a fishing resort called Portpatrick. It’s noted for its fresh fish, so wanting to sample the local catch, I tried a fresh crab sandwich. It turned out to have a huge piece of shell in it and as I bit in, I ended up knocking the crown and cracking the root of my tooth underneath. Upon returning home my dentist tried to save it but unfortunately I ended up with an abscess, so that the root needed to be extracted and there would be a gap. It was in the front of my mouth and the thought of a gap or a denture just filled me with horrors. So after a long think about it I decided to go for an implant.

My dentist recommended to go and see Gavin and his team for a consultation. After I had it and I was given the go-ahead, I have to say I felt a bit wary – but looking back there was nothing to have been worried about. The extraction of the root went well – I hardly felt it, and I had to wear a denture for a while until the gum had healed. The actual implant itself also went well, it was no worse than having a filling to be honest; in fact I’ve had fillings in the past that have hurt me more! Richard did an excellent job and made me feel comfortable- I wouldn’t be nervous about having another one if I needed to. After a few months of healing, Gavin then fitted the crown and it was a really good match to my old tooth. As I haven’t got perfect teeth I was worried about it standing out like a sore thumb but the colour blended in beautifully.

I would recommend Dental Solutions, it’s a lovely practice. All the staff are very friendly and made me feel at ease throughout. Whilst I have stayed at my old dentists for my check-ups I visit here every three months for a hygienist appointment to ensure that my implant stays healthy and well cared for.

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