Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Dental Pain


Have you been dealing with dental pain recently? There is the temptation to take some pain relief and ignore the pain, but doing so could easily lead to bigger problems down the road. It is much better to treat the pain as soon as possible and prevent further, more expensive, dental treatment becoming a necessity. Though you may consider the pain ‘manageable’ it is always best to be safe rather sorry, as they say.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the dental pain in your day to day life.



It Can Grow Worse

Leaving toothache to escalate over time can lead to a small problem transforming into a need for major dental work. This obviously becomes more expensive the longer you leave it. And, unfortunately, most dental pain and conditions rarely get better over time without intervention from a dentist.

Even if the pain does not worsen over time, rather it simply fades to a consistent ache, it is vital you seek an examination. You may be able to learn to live with the pain, but could you live with tooth loss? In some cases, this is the inevitable outcome for a number of persistent dental conditions and though dental implants are possible, it is obviously something you would rather not need. Especially if it comes as a result of avoiding what started as a simple pain.

Common Causes

Tooth decay is one of the main culprits when it comes to dental pain. A buildup of bacteria in your mouth is often the id-100151502main lead-up to tooth decay, as it thrives on the starch and sugars found in the various foods you eat. This gradually forms a sticky, colourless, layer of plaque over your teeth. Bacteria in plaque then produces an acid which, over time, erodes your teeth. Eventually, this will cause a cavity.

There may also be other, sometimes simple reasons, which may be causing you dental pain. One such issue could be trapped food in between your teeth. In which case, a careful flossing of the painful area will fix the issue and help relieve the pain. However, more often than not dental pain is caused by something much more complicated than trapped food. Some common issues and conditions  include:

 – A fractured tooth.
 – Crumbling or loose fillings.
 – Untreated grinding or clenching.
 – Infected gums or gingivitis.
 – A dental abscess.

Treatment Options

There are a variety of treatment options when it comes to dental pain, depending on the actual cause of the pain. An initial examination will help to determine the actual cause of the pain. Whether the issue is tooth decay, gum disease or something more troublesome you will be walked through a number of treatment options.


If you feel a persistent dental pain then seeking an appointment with your dentist, as soon as possible, should be your top priority. Here at Dental Solutions, we can help to assess your individual issue and set you on the correct treatment path. Simply call our helpful reception team on 01925 756565 or fill out the contact form for more information.



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