Sylvia’s Story – Dental Implants

I needed an implant as a root filling in my tooth had failed, which meant that it had to be extracted. Obviously, that meant a very noticeable gap in my smile which was not an option I was prepared to accept.

I wanted a permanent solution, not a denture sitting in a glass!  I have been a councillor for many years and do a lot of volunteering with the elderly in my spare time, so I spend a lot of time chatting and smiling. My own dentist near to where I live in Bollington doesn’t perform implant surgery so I had to look for someone else – I initially looked at dentists closer to home in the Macclesfield area but couldn’t find anyone that I liked. Then I saw an advertisement for an Open Evening at Dental Solutions with a special discounted offer on implants and decided there and then to book an appointment.

The evening was well worth my time- the whole team were very approachable and understanding. I was there for about 30 minutes and during the consultation, they took the time to fully explain the implant process and then they took me on a tour of the suite where the implants are performed. With the discounted special implant offer for the evening, I decided to go ahead.

The implant surgery itself was only slightly painful – with just a bit of swelling the following day but no bruising – and all easily controlled with painkillers. The worst aspect was wearing a temporary plate for a few months, whilst the implant secured itself to my jaw. As I tend to talk a lot, as well as sing in a choir, I felt that it slightly affected my speech and voice, but I gather that most folk who have this treatment also dislike the plastic intrusion in their mouths and are happy to see it go!

So naturally, I was delighted when Gavin fitted my permanent tooth to the implant. It felt great – just like a normal tooth and I now can eat and sing again completely normally. No special treatment is needed after the implant is fitted, apart from being extra scrupulous in cleaning the area and always using a mouthwash afterwards. Other than that, all I would say to anyone reading this is ‘do it – you won’t regret it!’


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