Team Spotlight: Lisa Meechan

A Little About Lisa

Lisa first joined Dental Solutions having worked with one of our dentists, Lauren Westhead, for a number of years. Lisa is a highly proficient dental nurse with almost 30 years’ experience and has seen a number of positive changes in the industry during her career – mainly, improvements to clinical and hygiene standards in dentistry. As Decontamination Lead Nurse, Lisa oversees and ensures that all equipment is sterilised and compliant with CQC regulations.

Having lived in Warrington for many years, Lisa can often be found enjoying time with her two dogs (little Westies), two daughters who both live at home and her husband. A keen fitness fanatic, she has recently kitted out her very own home gym which she uses frequently – when not out running in the fresh air or walking with her dogs! 

Ice breaker question: name three of your favourite things. No wrong answers here! 

Family, Holidays and dining out! 

You have worked in dentistry for a long time, what still excites you about the industry? 

Meeting all kinds of people. 

What’s the best part of your day at Dental Solutions? 

Interacting with the rest of the team. 

Are there any surprises about working as a Dental Nurse that people might not expect?

How much work is involved. 

What would you like to be famous for? Realistically, what would you actually be famous/infamous for? 


The title of your autobiography is… 

Loving life…

Where do you like to travel? 

Greece, Spain or the Lake District.

What was the last thing you read/watched/listened to? 

Smooth FM in our surgery–it keeps us relaxed!

And finally, what do you do to wind down after work every day? 

Wind down–Bubble bath and a glass of wine.


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